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We are inviting proposals for tutorials that will be held immediately before the main conference in two 90-minute sessions each. A tutorial proposal in PDF format should not exceed three pages and should contain the following:

  • Names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of the tutorial organizers. Please mark the primary contact person.
  • A brief description of the tutorial, including name and topic as well as a short summary of the technical issues in the focus of the tutorial.
  • A characterization of the target audience of the tutorial.

From a logistics perspective, please consider the following:

  • Tutorials will take place in the same location as BTW 2019 and will be held during the days before the main conference.
  • The time frame for a tutorial is 3 hours (two 90-minute sessions).
  • The tutorial organizers are expected to work with the BTW 2019 local organizers on the details and promotional aspects of the tutorial.

The submission of tutorial suggestions is made via the ConfTool: