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The organizers of the 18th BTW 2019 are the chair of Datenbank- und Informationssysteme of the University of Rostock and the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V..

The technical direction of the conference, coordination of the various parts of the program as well as the complete organizational handling of the entire conference are in the hands of the chair DBIS of the University of Rostock. The technical leadership includes, among other things, the appointment of the chairmen of all committees, who are responsible for the technical quality control of the conference, as well as the software technical support of the entire review process, including program and process planning and room allocation. The complete editorial processing of the conference proceedings with all contributions is also in the hands of the chair.

The Gesellschaft für Informatik takes over the complete financial handling and the financial responsibility for the conference as well as supports the conference management in the form of the specialist GI department DBIS with the provision of committees and reviewers for the quality control of all program parts. This department also co-ordinates the BTW conference series and co-ordinates the various bi-annual local organizers (usually database research groups at universities in German-speaking countries).