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The analytic database Actian Vector

Zeit: Donnerstag, 07. März 2019, 11:00
Ort: Zuse 001

Actian Vector delivers on the promise of in-the-moment analytics with the industry´s fastest analytic database. Vector makes analytics more accessible to business users by freeing them from the common limitations of traditional data warehouses. Vector´s ability to handle continuous updates without a performance penalty makes it an Operational Data Warehouse (ODW) capable of incorporating the latest business information into your analytic decision-making. Vector achieves extreme performance with full ACID compliance on commodity hardware with the flexibility to deploy on premises, on AWS or Azure, with little or no database tuning. This session shows how to setup an Actian Vector database, load data and run queries on it. More importantly, there will be an in-depth explanation on how it is implemented to achieve this performance.